Fabian Svensson

Welcome to the website of composer Fabian Svensson.

On these pages, you can read about his music, listen to audio clips, see score samples and more.

Latest news:

December 2013 - Symphonies of Toy Instruments

Fabian’s latest ambitious, large-scale work is Symphonies of Toy Instruments, written for an all-toy-instrument ensemble. It is a 22-minute work scored for 10 multi-instrumental performers. The total instrumentation of the work makes for quite a list: 2 toy glockenspiels, toy xylophone, 2 ukuleles, toy piano, 2 melodicas, 2 stylophones, bicycle horn, 2 party horns, train whistle, slide whistle, toy cuckoo, 3 vuvuzelas, jingle bells, football rattle, animal castanets, toy tambourine, toy guiro, toy bongos, tin drum and 3 kazoos. The music is exuberant, virtuosic and relentless.

November 2013 - Toy Toccata Recording Released

Phyllis Chen has a new CD out, Little Things, which includes a recording of Fabian’s solo toy piano piece, Toy Toccata. The album is released on the New Focus Recordings label (distributed by Naxos) and is available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and in record stores. This marks the first time a work by Fabian gets commercially recorded. Get your copy today!
Record label website

July 2012 - Eclectic Currents Recording Project

The Calder Quartet’s latest project, ‘Eclectic Currents’, needs your help! The plan is to record 12 works commissioned by the quartet (including Fabian’s Singing and Dancing) and release a new work digitally every month over the course of a year. To cover the costs associated with this, a crowd-funding campaign has been launched on the Kickstarter website. A minimum of $10,000 in raised funds is needed – please contribute if you can!
Kickstarter campaign