Fabian Svensson

Welcome to the website of composer Fabian Svensson.

On these pages, you can read about his music, listen to audio clips, see score samples and more.

Latest news:

October 2014 – Japanese Debut

Fabian's music will be introduced in Japan for the first time at the end of the month. Invited by the organization Company Bene, Fabian will come to the country for two concerts featuring his work, alongside works by Japanese composers. A concert in Tokyo on October 24th focuses on solo piano music. Pianist Kaori Ohsuga will play Fabian's collected works for the instrument, including the new piece Twang, written specifically for the occasion. Three days later in Nagoya, saxophonist Shinji Komori will premiere Fabian's piece Slingra for solo alto saxophone. While in Nagoya, Fabian will also do a lecture at the university there.
Comapny Bene website

May 2014 – TRANSIT's DoubleBill Festival

TRANSIT, a New York City-based ensemble, has recently announced their upcoming DoubleBill Festival, to take place at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music in early June. The festival is a two-day showcase of works by composers from NYC, Berlin, and Sweden. Fabian's 2007 work, Two Sides, will be performed by TRANSIT as part of the festival, at a concert co-curated by Fabian on June 6th.
TRANSIT website

December 2013 – Symphonies of Toy Instruments

Fabian's latest ambitious, large-scale work is Symphonies of Toy Instruments, written for an all-toy-instrument ensemble. It is a 22-minute work scored for 10 multi-instrumental performers. The total instrumentation of the work makes for quite a list: 2 toy glockenspiels, toy xylophone, 2 ukuleles, toy piano, 2 melodicas, 2 stylophones, bicycle horn, 2 party horns, train whistle, slide whistle, toy cuckoo, 3 vuvuzelas, jingle bells, football rattle, animal castanets, toy tambourine, toy guiro, toy bongos, tin drum and 3 kazoos. The music is exuberant, virtuosic and relentless.